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Time to Get Moving!

FIY - Week 7

By: Ann-Marie Giglio
Co-Publisher, On the Gay Horizon

So it's nearly six weeks since we began this series.  And the first thing you did --- you DID do it, didn't you? --- was to assess your cardio fitness by stair-climbing.  Since then, have you added any movement to your life?

If you have, it's time to reassess your cardio fitness by doing the same thing.  Get out your first set of numbers and compare.  Has anything changed?   Tell us about it!

If you have not changed your level of movement, today's the day.  And here's something to aim for in order to chart your course:  the 2009 AIDS Walk NY on May 17 in Manhattan.

Karen and I walked it last year to honor her late partner's work with AIDS patients and to make OTGH real. 

We'll be walking it again this year.  It's a 10K.  That's 6.2 miles.  Sound like a lot?  Karen thought so.  But she did it.  And this year, she'll do it again, but differently.  She's going to start preparing for it today. 

Safely walking 6 miles requires several things to come together.  You must have proper walking form.  Check out
chiwalking.com for injury-free, biomechanically correct form. 

You must also have a very useful diet.  Keep reading here for more tips.  You must build up your glycogen conversion system so that it works efficiently.  It takes a while to walk 6.2 miles.  And in the crowd we'll have, it will take longer.

So anyone care to join Karen and I this year? 

You'll need to start walking if you haven't already done so.  And I want you to walk with a level pelvis.  That means your waistband is level.  Pull your pelvis up in front, or up in back, until it's level.  And hold it there. 

How much should you walk?  As far as you can or for as much time as you have.  The goal will be to get a number to use for the week.  Whatever you do today, you will do every other day for a week. 

The following week, you will increase your time or distance by 10%. 

Sound easy?  Good.  Get going.  But first register for AIDS WALK NY at: 
T eam On the Gay Horizon

And then grab a friend and get going.


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