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Learning to Love Plank

Fit in a Year - Week 19

By: Ann-Marie Giglio
Co-Publisher, On the Gay Horizon

Some people--who will remain nameless but perhaps you can guess--have complained recently about my article suggesting you learn to do the exercise called Plank.  They said, WTF?  Does she really expect us to do that?

Let's put that more clearly:  learn to do the exercise.  Not start out knowing it.  You wouldn't need me if you were born with this knowledge and experience....

If you're having trouble, try this:  do it against a wall.  Stand an arm's length away, align your posture, button your navel to your spine, and lean into the wall.  Try to keep your arms extended.  While you're there, do some push-aways.  Keep your form.

When this becomes too easy, try it on your knees, on the floor.  Same postural alignment, same engaged abdominals, but put your hands beneath your shoulders and lift up, arms extended, until you have a straight diagonal line (side view) between your shoulders and your knees.  Stay there.  It's all about the ab in this position.  No slumping.  Do some mini-push-ups.  One-half of an inch is fine.   Try.  Try until you succeed.  Maybe not today.  Maybe not for a month.  That's ok.  Eventually, you WILL succeed.  That's what matters.

When you're ready for the next level, get up on your toes.  And refer back to my original post,
"If you only do one exercise, this is it."

If you try to do this frequently enough, you will learn it.  It's nothing more than muscle memory.  And that comes with repetition. 

If you stick with it, there's a bonus:  you'll learn something about yourself.

Stay centered.  Be strong.  Be back next week with more label reading!


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