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Decoding Nutrition Labels - Continued

Fit in a Year - Week 15

By: Ann-Marie Giglio
Co-Publisher, On the Gay Horizon

We left off last week just as we'd uncovered some manipulation with nutrition labels and trans-fats.  If the product contains less than 0.5 g/serving, the manufacturer can claim it's trans-fat free.  That means a serving size can contain 0.49 g/serving--and believe me, many things do--and it can be called trans-fat free. 

So, look again at the serving size.  Is it really a serving size?  Or would you actually eat 2 or 3 of these "servings?"  Because that would then mean that you ate nearly 3 times the government allowance for trans-fat/serving!  That's why you may have noticed hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils listed in the ingredients of "trans-fat free" packages...


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