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Why Share Our Stories?

Our lives have been shaped --- defined --- by a shared history.  A history of experiences that, consciously or not, are influencing how we navigate toward our future. 

Writing brings validation.  For you. For all of us. We love to read stories to see ourselves.  They reflect us, our world, our hopes, fears, dreams. Recording our history by telling our own stories gives us the opportunity to know that, in the midst of our infinite diversity, we are all the same.  

Perhaps even more important, we must bear witness.  The record of this generation will inform generations to come.  Already, the younger ones do not appreciate the struggles of those before them.  They need to know how they became so comfortable in their skin.  That people before them have enabled them to grow more fully, expect more dignity, demand equality.  They need to read it.  Right here. 

Our Stories.......



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