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Here you will find the past issues of the On the Gay Horizon newsletters.

  • Issue 2
    They warned us never to talk about aging or retirement to GLBT baby boomers! Plus, creating physical balance by aligning our "core".
  • Issue 3
    How executing medical directives may be the most loving thing you ever do. Plus, bringing everything to the center to move toward our goals and what happens with California's Propostion 8 is a very personal matter.
  • Issue 4
    The new Olivia community in Tucson. Plus, the real reason Sarah Palin is on the Republican ticket.
  • Issue 5
    The $700 billion bailout. Plus, respecting our limitations, or not, as evidenced by the Palin / Biden debate.
  • Issue 6
    Violence against gays is still present. Plus, will our generation see equal rights in our lifetime?
  • Issue 7
    The importance of defeating California's Proposition 8 and 37 seconds, well used, is a lifetime.
  • Issue 8
    Why voting is not something to take for granted and what is at stake in this election. Plus, some tips for how to deal with those long lines.
  • Issue 9
    2008 election results including Prop 8 and suggestions for when things don't work out the way you had hoped.
  • Issue 10
    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back --- and One at a Time
  • Issue 11
    Out of Many, One --- and Bail and Spend
  • Issue 12
    Thanksgiving --- and Something Else to be Thankful for
  • Issue 13
    'Tis the Season to be Shopping --- and Moving On
  • Issue 14
    Has technology exceeded our humanity? And getting ready to be healthier and more fit by this time next year.
  • Issue 15
    Gifts and a New Personal Policy for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Issue 16
    "As sure as love and generosity and devotion..."
  • Issue 17
    Why do we mark the transition from one year to the next and kicking off the Fit in a Year program!
  • Issue 18
    The importance of personal connections as we age and a New Year's fitness revolution.
  • Issue 19
    Being hopeful with the new administration but looking out for our own interests and assessing the health of your pantry. Plus, the Great Brussel Sprout Experiment!
  • Issue 20
    Will President Obama "walk the talk"? What did he say to the GLBT community in his inaugeral address? And ten things to look for in a fitness program.
  • Issue 21
    Is it too late to start over in a new location? And taking stock of your eating habits.
  • Issue 22
    The importance of a support system. Update on the Birds of a Feather gay community in New Mexico. And the importance of making small changes on your way to being fit in a year.
  • Issue 23
    It's going to take more than working to change laws. We need to changes attitudes. And its time to get moving --- literally.
  • Issue 24
    Who are we? How do we define ourselves? And FIY 8 - get a massage!
  • Issue 25
    Everybody has a story - what's yours? FIY 9 - Let it Be.
  • Issue 26
    Dogs, cats and AIDS. FIY 10 - tone, balance and strengthen with Pilates.
  • Issue 27
    Do you hear voices? What are the scripts playing in your head? FIY 11 - finding balance.
  • Issue 28
    Road trip! And FIY 12 - "Whether you think you can or not .. you're right." Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company
  • Issue 29
    Traveling with a boll weevil --- or looking for a home. FIY 13 - The Plank.
  • Issue 30
    Will a financial crisis force you into working well past retirement age?
  • Issue 31
    The day my singing career died. More on reading labels.
  • Issue 32
    Gays beaten by pigs! Still more about reading labels
  • Issue 33
    What are you leaving behind? The flour formerly known as wheat.
  • Issue 34
    Does the good of the many outweigh the good of the one? AIDS Walk 2009 It's your response that makes all the difference
  • Issue 35
    AIDS Walk reminder
  • Issue 36
    Was our walk through Central Park for AIDS Walk NY a success? Legs against the wall! Learning to love the Plank
  • Issue 37
    Musings on "truth"
  • Issue 38
    Why aren't those socks smiling? 37 seconds well used...
  • Issue 39
    What do I think? The last word on label reading.
  • Issue 40
    Is there anything more miserable than a summer cold? Progress or perception? Brew anti-oxidants while you sleep.
  • Issue 41
    I've been pigged! (or....the move to Charleston)
  • Issue 42
    Changes in lattitude, changes in attitude. Healthcare scare tactics. To carb or not to carb?
  • Issue 43
    The Cove. Goodbye to a good friend. Can't get no satisfaction?
  • Issue 44
    Conversations with an old friend. You don't have to live with back pain.
  • Issue 45
    Back to the Cove. Killer salt.
  • Issue 46
    Can we ever go home? Voices of reason. Noisy thoughts in troubled times.
  • Issue 47
    Lessons from Mr. Miyagi What's your healthcare plan? Making small changes, one at a time.
  • Issue 48
    Awakening a sleeping giant Legs against the wall
  • Issue 49
    Hurt feelings. Protecting our children. Fall recipe.




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