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Live Like I’m 80


By: Lynn Dugan


It occurred to me, recently, that at 58 I'm slowing down physically. It also occurred to me, shortly thereafter, that I have a choice about how this all could look. In other words, do I have to fade away into the aging process and accept it gracefully as one of life's certainties, or could I create my life the way I want? Since I've pretty much have done that from the beginning, I opted for the latter.  


Now, I do have some health issues, and I doubt I'll be able to skydive or bungee jump any more, but that does not mean I can't have the most incredible adventures with the rest of my life. Therefore, I've decided to live like I'm 80! 


Eighty year-olds tend not to care about what people think of them nor are they shy about speaking their minds. They're no longer insecure about who they are or what they can do. The reality check for them is that they're coming to the end of their lives, so they just don't give a shit any more.  


They are my heroes!!!  


I will live like I'm 80 from here on. No one can tell me I cannot do anything....especially because of my age. I will take chances on anything and everything. Why not?


So, I am writing stories and songs, starting to paint again and working on two new businesses I can create. And, after seven years, I’ve started a new relationship that I never thought I'd have again and I’m seeing the future as one huge adventure and possibility.  


If I hear myself saying "I've always wanted to do that"....it becomes a plan. I'm excited!!!  


With age, hopefully, I've gained some wisdom. I'm not concerned anymore about how people view me. I've never been a cookie-cutter woman. I am who I am and I fully embrace that. In fact, I celebrate it.  


So I've been planning.....a future with my new love. We're going to Italy in the fall, going to a drive-in movie again, going out to Colorado in a couple of months and that's just the beginning. For my 60th birthday, I'm going to Africa....a lifelong dream. I want to go on the Olivia cruise to Tahiti, so I will.  


If I wake up in the morning stiff from the night's sleep, I stretch it out. I find myself singing a lot and happy....and grateful....so VERY grateful for all the gifts that I have. I'm so happy to just "be". My attitude is positive.  


So, today is a beautiful day, and I'm going to live like I'm 80! 



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