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Something Missing?

Are you feeling like there was something missing from your week but you can't quite put your finger on it? Like you were waiting for something special to happen?

It was us!!!

We didn't publish this past week. Lots and lots of reasons but we won't make you listen to them (today, anyway). But we just couldn't end the week without touching base with all of you.


AIDS Walk New York is One Week from Today!

I went for a walk this morning to try and ascertain just how much trouble I'm going to be in next week. It won't be so bad. I'm sure Ann-Marie will carry her cell phone and can dial 911. Surely they've made arrangements for ambulances to be able to get through the crowds....

I considered talking about how I can joke about how hard this walk is going to be for me (and it will be --- just like it was last year) but that it's my choice to do it. And about how those with HIV and AIDS no longer have a choice about the realities of their lives.

But you all know that.

So, since you do know how serious this disease is, I am simply asking you to do what you feel you can.

Donate - AIDS Walk New York

Money is tight for a lot of folks these days so if you can't afford to donate, then maybe you'd like to send us a few words of encouragement at admin@onthegayhorizon.com . Or, since we're both pretty busy getting ready to head for New York, maybe one of you would like to write a guest essay for the next newsletter. That would be great!

And there's still time to join us in New York City! We'd love to meet you and AIDS Walk New York is an experience you will never forget!



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