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HRC Buying for Equality 2009 Quiz Answers  


1)      Home Depot or Lowe’s? 

For the past two years, Home Depot has maintained a rating of 85 while Lowe’s has refused to respond to repeated requests for information and has policies that are unclear. 


2)     Best Buy or Radio Shack? 

Best Buy is by far your best choice with a rating of 100 for the 2009 and 2008 guides. Radio Shack has maintained the same level of consistency. Unfortunately, that has been at a score of 40. 


3)     eBay or QVC? 

A “no score”, meaning a refusal to respond to HRC’s requests, is less definitive than a low score, but it also leads one to wonder what it is they don’t want to reveal. QVC is a big question mark but eBay’s score of 100 leaves little doubt as to the better choice. 


4)     Sears or John Deere? 

Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times that cute just doesn’t cut it (come on --- that was a pretty good pun!). There is nothing cute about John Deere’s score of 33. Good old Sears comes in with an outstanding 100. 


5)     Discover or Chase? 

You would think that after making such a great showing with their retail policies, the financial service arm of Sears would be the obvious winner. Not so! While falling in the “showing improvement and deserving encouragement” level with a score of 58, Discover falls far short of Chase’s 100. In fact, not only is Chase one of HRC’s National Corporate Partners, so is Bank of America, Citi and WaMu.  


6)     Nike or Foot Locker? 

Just do it! Nike is another HRC National Corporate Partner with a perfect 100 while the Foot Locker is not even interested in talking to us. 


7)     Ford or Nissan? 

Did you say Nissan? I did, but I was wrong. Ford is a perfect 100 while Nissan rates only a score of 50. Don’t panic, though. If you’re like me and really don’t have that much faith in American made vehicles, Toyota, Subaru and Volkswagen all scored 100.   


8)    Exxon or Shell? 

There are a lot of low scores in this survey, but as far as I can tell, there is only one 0 and that honor goes to Exxon. And you thought the Valdez was the only reason to be disgusted by them. Even though we all look forward to the day we no longer have to give any of our money to oil companies, at least there are better choices --- Shell scored 100 and is a HRC National Corporate Partner. So are BP and Chevron (Texaco). 


9)     Cox Cable or Direct TV? 

Direct TV is another of our “no score” folks who refuse to participate. Cox Cable scores a perfect 100 and the parent company, Cox Enterprises, is a HRC National Corporate Partner. 


10) Coors or Corona?  

Considering the fact that the gay community has boycotted Coors for decades, it would seem that this would be a no-brainer. But life is often complicated and few things are black or white. The Coors family still supports anti-gay measures whenever they get the chance, but their workplace and consumer policies rate a score of 100 while Corona is another “no score”. Fortunately, there are lots of other choices --- Budweiser sails through with 100 and Miller with a solid 90. Or forget the beer and reach for my friend Jose Cuervo, top shelf with a score of 100, and peruse the rest of the HRC Buyer’s Guide with a margarita! 



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